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Learning and development consultancy


Our Purpose

To enhance the performance of individuals, teams and organisations through coaching, development, training and change programmes and related HR processes


What we do

Our main areas of expertise are listed below, however, we work in a bespoke way and relish the opportunity to combine our skills, knowledge and experience with yours and your needs to create something new and effective.


Learning Needs Analysis

We choose and implement a methodology to match your needs, and report on the findings. We recommend solutions and resources to match the needs.


Learning Design and Delivery

We provide creative design and delivery based on educational, adult, and accelerated learning methodologies and wellbeing techniques.  The whole person is considered and enhanced. 


Coaching and Mentoring

We offer:

 - Individual and groups coaching sessions.

 - Coaching skills programmes for managers and mentors.

We also have experience in designing and implementing cross- sector coaching and mentoring programmes.


Diagnostics and 360 feedback

Statistics show that at least 10% improvement in effectiveness can be gained through teams and individuals participating in a 360 feedback process.  We offer:

 - Design and implementation of a 90d - 360 degree process    

   including feedback.

 - Group and individual feedback on existing 360 tools used.

 - MBTI accredited and use of various diagnostic questionnaires.


Competency Frameworks

We have extensive experience in the design of competency standards and frameworks.  These can be aligned and applied to recruitment and selection, learning and development, succession planning and performance management.


HR Strategy

We work with you to develop your HR strategy, policy and procedures drawing on established HR methodology and our experience across sectors, industries and countries.


Wellbeing techniques

Drawing on our experience in Medical Herbalism we teach wellbeing techniques to enhance body, mind and emotions to ensure you can be the best you can be.



How we work with you

We approach all our work with creative resource investigation and acquisition and resilience to overcome obstacles and solve problems.



What you can expect from working with us

Partnering for results:  working with you to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

Creativity:  innovative approaches for results.

Reliabilit:   doing what we say.

Enthusiasm: for you and the work we do.

Questioning: to understand your requirements.


Herbal medicine and Wellbeing consulancy


How does Herbal Medicine work?

Herbal medicines are extracts from plants (roots / leaves / flowers) which contain numerous chemical constituents.  These have various therapeutic actions which can be used to treat the underlying causes of health conditions. Herbs may be given internally as medicine / tea or externally as cream /oil / ointment.


What happens in a consultation?


You'll be listened to as you explain what you would like help with, how you are feeling now and how you would like to feel.



You'll then be asked questions about your health (current & past), your family’s health history, your diet and lifestyle and any medication or treatment you are on. This will help with assessing your current health.


Health assessment

Your blood pressure and pulse will be taken.  If necessary a physical examination will be carried out with your permission.


Herbal prescription

A specific herbal prescription will be made for you. This may be an internal medicine / tea  or external cream /oil /ointment.


Health recommendations and treatment plan

Julia may provide recommendations on diet and lifestyle changes if relevant to help you enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.  Together you will agree a plan of action.  You will be asked to book in for another appointment about two weeks later so the effectiveness of the herbs and their effect on you can be checked. Thereafter, the length of treatment will be unique to each individual and will be reviewed together.


How long will it take?


First appointment:…………up to 90 mins


Subsequent appointments:.30 -60 mins



Other Services


Events and Workshops

Examples of topics are:


 - Herbs for common ailments

 - Using food as medicine

 - Your herbal first aid box

 - Herbs for children

 - Herbs for women

 - Herbal tea tasting

 - Managing stress

 - Getting through exams and busy projects



To make an appointment


Please use the contact form or phone on 07761 920561



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