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Add some Zing to your Summer: it’s time to activate, create and manifest

Working with energy of summer

Here in the Northern hemisphere, the summer season has begun. Longer, lighter and warmer days mean that summer is epitomised by the fire element. This has yang or active energy providing us with the motivation to do more creatively, socially and recreationally. Summer is all about action, creation and manifestation.

Work and life projects

As Summer is a high energy season make time to action goals you may have birthed in Spring and nurture the things that you want to grow and improve.

Things to do

You may want to:

  • Ask yourself what work and life things energise / inspire you? What do you need to do to have more of these things and less of the things that drain / tire you?

  • Make new connections personally and professionally.

  • Be more visible to others in person by socialising, attending events and / or virtually by posting more comments and stories on social media. Maybe start a blog, vlog, speak at an event or be the voice for a local charity.

  • Make time in your schedule to do something creative to move you forward in your work or personal life and for play to counter any hard mental, physical or emotional activities that you are doing.

  • Book a holiday or staycation to have the creative and play time you need after the productive growth spurt of Spring.

To make space in your schedule for these actions you could:

  • Ask yourself, What are the minimum things I need to do to keep my work and life running? What can I let go of for the moment? What things can I reduce for the moment?

  • Implement summer hours, that is, shorter workdays or siestas.

  • Go lighter on certain tasks.

  • Set screen free time periods.

Your environment

This summer season consider adding items to your environment which will spark your creativity and motivation to get things done as well as ones to help cool you down when it all gets too hot.

Things to do

  • Add splashes of energetic fiery reds, yellows and oranges into you home and office décor with cushions, flowers, plants, linens, tableware and stationery.

  • Balance out hot colours with cool pale blues, greens, greys and whites, especially in spaces that get too much sun and heat or where you need to wind down and relax such as in the bedroom. These will imbue a sense of calm and coolness to help you relax and sleep better on warm summer evenings.

  • Add an indoor or outdoor water feature to a space that needs cooling.

  • Fuel your creativity and action mindset with energetic music whilst you create and do. Just remember, if you’ve been active during the day, wind down in the evening with some relaxing music to help you sleep.

Your diet

The key during summer months is stay well hydrated because the heat and resulting sweating can dehydrate you. Hot weather can also cause water retention thus swelling because the body can become less efficient at removing fluid. Contrary to what you may think, drinking more water will help flush the retained water from your body.

Things to do

  • Eat your water – read how and more about hydrating well in my blog here.

  • Eat mostly seasonal fruits and vegetables to align your energy with the season and to help keep cool and hydrated. Go for:

Melons – all types are hydrating and act as diuretics to prevent any water retention caused by heat. Watermelon helps protect skin cells from sun damage due to the lycopene in it.

Tomatoes and other red fruits – these also contain lycopene to help protect the skin.

Berries – all contain flavonoids to help increase blood flow to the skin and decrease sensitivity to light.

Citrus fruits – these are a useful source of potassium which can be lost through sweating causing muscle cramps. It also regulates fluid in the body by helping to flush out sodium. Add a citrus slice or juice to your water, salad dressing or any dish.

Avocados these are packed with vitamins, minerals, good fats and antioxidants to keep you energized for summer’s activity.

Dark green leafy vegetables – these decrease sensitivity to UV light and heal dry, flaky skin. Try kale, spinach, rocket, watercress, swiss chard, collard greens and beet greens in salads and pesto.

  • Also consider eating more:

Fish – especially oily fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring) as these are high in Omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation and a good source of protein to fuel your summer activities.

Yoghurt – (dairy or vegan) because it is cooling, high in protein for energy and the probiotics help keep your digestive system healthy.

  • Balance out rushed eating from an active day with one slow, relaxing quiet meal. Eat mindfully by concentrating on the smell, taste, texture and visual appeal of the food. This means avoiding eating in front of a screen.

  • Eat slowly with others over enjoyable conversation – this is beneficial because connection and bonding leads to the release of feel-good neurochemicals such as endorphins and oxytocin.

Exercise and Play

Summer naturally brings an increase in energy, so now is a good time to incorporate exercise into social activities.

Things to do:

  • Play a team sport or do something active with one or more friends.

  • Do something playful like dancing, going to a summer festival, roller skating, water sports, building sandcastles or fresh berry picking.

  • Cool down with some swimming or forest bathing.

  • Get outside before 11am and after 4pm to absorb some vitamin D - it promotes bone health, proper cell differentiation and boosts immunity. Remember to have at least 15 minutes without sunscreen on to absorb it.

Over to you

Will you actively turn up the volume on things this summer or cool things down? How will you embrace the energy of Summer?

If you’d like any life or health coaching to help focus your Summer energy, then please contact me for an appointment. For tips on how to work with the other seasons as they emerge see my blogs on Autumn, Winter and Spring.


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