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Mental Health: Supporting others

It’s World Mental Health Day. This year the theme is:

Mental Health in an Unequal World

Last year I shared an article highlighting twenty cutting edge leaders who give guidance on Mental Health. You can find the article here. These leaders provide resources to help you to build self awareness and resilience, both of which are key to good mental health.

For people who don’t or can’t access this information, this year I’d like to focus on helping equip you with the knowledge and skills to identify when others are suffering mentally and how you can effectively support them and guide them to expert help.

Resources from Mental Health UK

Have a read of this resource put together by Mental Health UK. It’s a one page guide to help you spot the signs of poor mental health in others, how to have a supportive conversation with them and where to send them for further resources and help.

Here at the clinic I practice in we have a range of therapies to help:

Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy can be useful for relieving symptoms as well as helping the body to adapt to stress.

Herbal Medicine and Nutrition use food as medicine to help balance the nervous system.

Flower essences, homeopathy and hypnotherapy are very helpful for emotional issues.

Massage therapies, Reiki and Bowen technique can ease tensions in the body and aid relaxation.

Over to you

Please share this information with anyone whom you think will benefit from it.

Always seek professional help. Talking to your GP can be a good first step.


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