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How to get the most from the Year of the Water Tiger

In 2022, Chinese New Year falls on the first of February. It’s the year of the tiger, specifically the water tiger. The Chinese zodiac is based on:

  • Twelve zodiac animals - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is associated with an animal sign on a twelve year cycle. Each animal denotes certain character traits for the year: those presented to the world; and those others can see in us.

  • Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. These signify the influencing energy for the year.

According to the Chinese Zodiac system, 2022 is considered to be prosperous because a water tiger year comes only once in a 60 year cycle.

What do the Tiger and Water mean?


  • Tigers are competitive, courageous and ambitious. They lead from the front. Simultaneously, they also like to help others. Though they like to win, they always seek justice.

  • If you were born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 or 2010 you are a water tiger. You may recognise the traits above as part of your character.

  • Tigers are the first animal of the astrological spring season hence they help birth intentions and bring goals to fruition.


  • Water is the strongest of the five elements due to its ability to flow around obstacles in its way whilst remaining in its original state.

  • To take advantage of this ability you need to ride the ups and downs of the waves. For this reason, water brings up positive and uncomfortable emotions to the surface.

  • Water is also associated with family, relationships and connections.

Water tigers

Water tigers have high self-esteem and love to learn. This helps them achieve their goals. The Water Tiger year will bring family, relationship and community elements together with a strong determination to achieve goals.

How to actively use the Water Tiger characteristics and energy in 2022

2022 will be a year of opportunities for everyone. It’s up to you to seize these or miss out. Collectively, it’s about getting things done: making changes, having adventures and taking risks. This corresponds to the world coming out of the pandemic because we can start to do more, undertake more activities, travel and holiday. We feel more like sharing our time with those who matter most to us - friends, family and ourselves. Here are some ideas to consider:

Make positive changes in your life

Try new things

Read more about this here.

Learn new things

Find out more about the link between learning and wellbeing here.

Have the physical and emotional energy to make changes

Schedule regular time for self care

Read back through my blogs for a range of ideas and choose one or more that appeal to you.

Eat for your needs

Eat for your unique conditions and stay well hydrated – book an appointment with me for dietary help or find an herbalist / nutritionist in your area.

More move daily

It reduces stress and anxiety by producing feel good hormones. This could be anything from a short walk to dancing in your kitchen whilst the kettle boils, to a sport, yoga, tai chi etc.

Sleep well

See my sleep tips here.

Work through your emotions

Water energy will bring emotions to the surface. Be prepared to work through these. You may need to book a counselling session or see another mental health professional. See some mental health advice here. In addition, you can seek the advice of a Flower essence therapist or homeopath. Read about my fellow practitioners here or search for one in your local area.

Water tiger energy can raise anger in some people. Seek out meditative practices to help calm you. Find out how to become a meditator here, some mindfulness activities here and resilience strategies here. Learn more about the Seven types of rest in my article here.

Look after your kidneys

Water energy is associated with the kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because all the fluids in the body’s pathways flow into the kidneys. Boost your kidney energy with:


  • Salty flavored foods such as miso, seaweed and seafood.

  • Kidney-shaped foods to corresponds to the organ itself which includes beans. .

  • Blue and black foods which are associated with the kidney colour in TCM such as blueberries, blackberries, mulberries and black beans

  • Nuts and seeds as these relate to fertility and growth which is governed by the kidney meridian. Try flax, pumpkin, sunflower, black sesame and walnuts.

  • Vegetables that help with water balance or have a diuretic effect such as celery, asparagus and cucumber

Acupressure points

Kidney 1 (KD 1)

Helps distribute water through the body.

Find this point on the sole of the foot, between the second and third toes, approximately one third the distance between the base of the second toe and the heel.

Kidney 3 (KD 3)

Helps strengthens the lower back, benefits the ears and tonifies the kidneys. Find this point in the dip between the tip of the medial malleolus and the Achilles tendon.

Massage your ears

As ears look like the shape kidneys they are the external representation of the kidneys. Massage your ears regularly until they become red, to stimulate your kidney energy.

Balance your Yang energy

The Tiger is associated with Yang (masculine and active) energy. It’s outward, upward, active, positive, hot, light and in the forefront. These attributes help you get things done. However, remember that for good physical and emotional wellbeing, yang needs to be balanced with yin (feminine and passive). You’ve overdone it on the yang if you have: dry skin, hair, throat and eyes; difficulty sleeping and / or night sweats; tight, sore, aching muscles; you feel angry, irritable, frustrated, restless and can’t seem to relax.

Eat more Yin foods

Spicy food, soups, stews and teas are associated with Yang energy, so eat more of these if you need Yang energy. Balance your Yang with Yin cooler foods like fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables and cold juices, smoothies and water.

Do more Yin exercises

Yin exercise includes Yoga, tai chi, pilates, walking or swimming. Fifteen minutes a day can balance your energy.

Get good quality sleep

Good quality sleep is essential for a balanced mind, body and spirit. My sleep tips are here.

Over to you

What will you do to ensure good health and prosperity this year?

Xin nian hao ( Happy Chinese New Year)

May the new year bring you prosperity and good health.

Always seek qualified practitioners before making diet and exercise changes.


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